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Local needs assessment 2022 – Jersey

This Local Needs Assessment is the first to be undertaken in Jersey by a non-Government organisation and provides a baseline from which JCF can: better target and allocate funding to address the needs of the Island, assess progress over time, build a stronger story...

Beyond protocol 3: A rule-book for EU/Channel Islands Trade

The ending of Protocol 3, the introduction of a new UK–Crown Dependencies customs union and the extension of WTO membership are landmark developments in the trading relationships of the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey, as is their participation in the new UK–EU...

The Jersey Supervision Skills Study

In Swansea University we have a long-standing interest in the effectiveness of probation practice and have made a number of contributions to the ‘What Works?’ literature, including an early evaluation of a cognitive-behavioural programme (Raynor and Vanstone 1997)...

Youth Justice in Jersey: Options for change

The Report is grounded in the wider research on youth justice and a review of the services offered to young people who break the law in Jersey. Accordingly, two questions are posed. Firstly, what does research tell us about the essential principles that should...

What Works in Jersey: The First Ten Years

The Jersey probation service has been implementing its own version of ‘what works’ for the last ten years. This paper outlines the approach used, and describes particular aspects of the development process which are believed to have contributed to relatively...