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Beyond protocol 3: A rule-book for EU/Channel Islands Trade


The ending of Protocol 3, the introduction of a new UK–Crown
Dependencies customs union and the extension of WTO membership
are landmark developments in the trading relationships of the
Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey, as is their participation in the new
UK–EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement. As the UK embarks on its
own international trade agenda, as an ex-EU member state, the
Channel Islands must identify new opportunities, build on their
existing relationships, and ensure that their constitutional positions
are defended, and international interests promoted.

Categories Law, Social science
Keywords Constitutional Positions, Protocol 3, UK–Crown Dependencies Customs Union, UK–EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, WTO Membership Extension
Author James Burke, Matthew Berry, Simon Hodgett, Victoria Bell
Date published 2021
Document type Article
Organisation Jersey and Guernsey Law Review
IRR Code IRR/JGLR/2021.43862
File Type pdf