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Island Research Repository

Your gateway to Island research

Welcome to the Island Research Repository, a shared, open-access repository based in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The repository contains an ever-growing collection of research from multiple organisations in Jersey, covering topics from Health and Social Care to Politics, Environment and History.

About us

The Island Research Repository (IRR) is an informal collective of second and third-sector organisations that have come together to publish Jersey-based research for the benefit of our island community. Consisting of academics, practitioners and community organisers, the IRR’s steering group looks to organise a central repository to support research accessibility, impact and influence and identify those who are currently involved with any aspect of research on the island.



Although the IRR aims to collect and collate relevant Jersey-based research for the benefit of our island community, the IRR will also serve as a basis of knowledge for other island nations and small states. This exchange of knowledge on a global level will help widen the IRR’s importance while demonstrating Jersey’s position as a leading authority on many subjects relating to islands and island communities.

The Island Research Repository’s scope includes:

  • Health
  • Social Care / Welfare
  • Lived Experience
  • Justice
  • Environment
  • Education
  • History and Heritage


Our Steering Committee

The steering committee is comprised of the following organisations:

  • JICAS, or the Jersey International Centre for Advanced Studies, is an academic institution partnered with the University of Exeter that offers Master’s and PhD opportunities in Jersey.
  • Les Amis is a local charity that provides quality services to support people with learning disabilities and/or associated conditions to gain equal opportunities in Jersey.
  • Mind Jersey is an independent mental health charity that provides support to people living with mental illness.
  • Family Nursing and Home Care are a local charity helping islanders ‘start well, live well, and age well’ since 1907.
  • Within the Government of Jersey’s Health and Community Services, the Higher Education Department offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, 1 post-registration education and 2 pre-registration education. The post-registration education delivers a range of full and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The postgraduate degrees are aimed at a range of health and social care professionals including nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and social workers. The pre-registration education offers a full-time undergraduate BSc Nursing (Adult and Mental Health Fields). A university partnership provides practice placements for students undertaking the BSc midwifery and BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice. 
  • Jersey Community Foundation serves as a platform for charitable giving, connecting donors with local causes and needs in Jersey.
  • The Institute of Law Jersey aims to provide a focus for academic study and professional education in Jersey and Guernsey law.

In addition to contributions from the above-mentioned organisations, the Island Research Repository has also received research from:

  • University College Jersey at Highlands College

Our mission

With a generous grant made available by the Jersey Community Foundation, the IRR is committed to providing free, open-access materials that aim to:

  • Assess the needs of local populations and plan strategically to meet these needs;
  • Examine what types of strategic partnerships are developed locally and how these may be associated with delivering improved island-based outcomes;
  • Use local data and research to inform and/or underpin good decision-making for the benefit of our island community;

The rationale for creating the Island Research Repository is primarily to help centralise primary-based research undertaken on the island in one accessible location. However, the repository also aims to encourage organisations and individuals to undertake additional original research in Jersey, published in an open-access format and submitted for the purpose of elevating Jersey’s research profile and output.