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Too much information: Why did the UK get it wrong?


This article builds on an article published in this Review in 2017
entitled “Too much information: when the UK gets it wrong” in which
the author discussed the role of the UK in developing and forcing
through various tax transparency measures (notably automatic
exchange of information and public registers of beneficial ownership)
and the constitutional fallout for the Crown Dependencies. The
previous article argued that the UK’s thinking ran against several
important human rights and data protection principles. Two years on
and with Brexit now a reality, it is time to ask why the UK keeps
getting it wrong.

Categories Law, Social science
Keywords Brexit Impact, Constitutional Fallout, Data Protection Principles, Human Rights, Tax Transparency Measures
Author Filippo Noseda
Date published 2021
Document type Article
Organisation Jersey and Guernsey Law Review
IRR Code IRR/JGLR/2021.43868
File Type pdf