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The Jersey voting system


This article aims to show the potential variations that may be brought
in the democratic operation in Jersey. Assuming that any of those
variations is in effect a result of both the political parties and voting
systems in place, the changes in Jersey’s voting system and the
development of political parties should have significant outcomes for
the Island. The quality of representative democracy depends mostly
on electoral results but also on the level of political competition and
public participation. In turn, party systems and electoral results are
themselves affected by the voting system. The article seeks to analyse
briefly the new constitutional design, and in particular the possibility
offered by the new voting system and the new political competition in
term of efficiency but also of disaffection of the people towards
elections and democracy

Categories Law, Social science
Keywords Democratic Operation, Electoral Results, Political Parties, Representative Democracy, Voting
Author David Marrani
Date published 2021
Document type Article
Organisation Jersey and Guernsey Law Review
IRR Code IRR/JGLR/2021.43852
File Type pdf