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The Digital Privacy Laws and Practices in the Jersey Island


This paper investigates the digital privacy provisions in the island of Jersey. This is mainly done by examining the two key pieces of legislation with which any workplace must comply with. Those legislations are: The Employment (Jersey) Law 2003, and the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005. Neither law has digital privacy provisions per se, but these are the two prevalent pieces of legislation governing employer-employee relations in the island of Jersey at present. The study relates the local legislation in the island of Jersey to its UK and European counterparts identifying the missing parts. To investigate how much compliance to those legislations in the island’s workplace, a typical workplace of Lysaght’s, the current employer for the second author, is chosen as a case study. The study highlights the areas of concerns and provides specific recommendations for the employer. This work can be used as the basis for steering the future judicial review of this area, to ensure the island of Jersey remains in compliance with its peers both domestically and internationally

Categories Politics, Social science
Keywords Data protection, Digital privacy, Legislation, Policy
Author Ali Ahmed, David Booth
Date published 2016
Document type Report
Organisation Procedia Computer Science
IRR Code IRR/PCS/2016.43955
File Type pdf