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The conduct and effectiveness of parish hall enquires


Honorary service in Jersey has its origins in a feudal system of social organisation
underpinned by the existence of the ‘fief’. The twelve parish structure became
established in the 12th century, possibly earlier. Each parish provided a framework for
ecclesiastical, civil and military organisation. Despite the small geographical area of
the island, from a cultural perspective, rather than becoming a single island-wide
community, Jersey developed unusually, as an island comprising twelve separate “
bubbles of governance” (Shearing, 2001) each having considerable discretion to
shape and control events that took place within parish boundaries. The role of the
parish as the primary unit of social organisation in Jersey is of vital importance. The
twelve parishes have an internal structure designed to promote good stewardship.
Most positions are honorary and office holders are elected by the rate-payers of the
respective parish. In other jurisdictions all of these services would be provided by the
state via paid functionaries.

Categories Law, Social science
Keywords After Care Service, Community Sentences, Needs, Probation, Rehabilitation
Author Helen Miles, Peter Raynor
Date published 2005
Document type Report
Organisation Jersey Probation and After-Care Service
IRR Code IRR/JPACS/2005.43824
File Type pdf