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Temporal patterns of dolphins across the Channel Islands


Despite many high profile cetacean species receiving considerable scientific and media attention, isolated and residential populations can often be overlooked. This lack of understanding on a local level can hinder conservation measures that seek to improve the status of populations where knowledge is poor. This study provides insight into temporal and spatial distribution of dolphin populations in the coastal waters of Jersey. To build knowledge on dolphin behavior and distribution, the characteristic echolocation clicks made by these species were recorded with acoustic click recorders (C-PODs). Four C-POD’s were deployed throughout Jersey waters in the Gulf of St.Malo, generating knowledge over the complete annual cycle. There were pronounced patterns in seasonal and tidal patterns of click detection, but diurnal patterns could not be detected. Spatial variation in detection was also evident. This study addresses the lack of understanding of dolphin detection throughout the annual cycle in Jersey’s waters. Further detailed research on spatial patterns would be of benefit including addition further research on specific species patterns of detection and behavior This study focused on delphinids, CPODs can also be used on other abundant small cetaceans in the Channel, including the Harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena).

Categories Ecology, Island studies
Keywords Acoustic, C-POD, Cetacean, Channel Islands, dolphin, Monitoring
Author Anonymous
Date published 2020
Document type Master’s Dissertation
Organisation Jersey International Centre for Advanced Studies
IRR Code IRR/JICAS/2020.43572
File Type pdf