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Risky free-play of children attending low vs high socioeconomic status schools: investigating the accessibility to risk that primary school-aged children have during their free-time.


This research project investigates children’s exposure and opportunity to participate in risky play experiences in Jersey, which have been found to offer a vast array of learning and development benefits for children. Many studies have shown children’s socio-economic backgrounds can influence their experiences of life in different ways, with variation in health-related issues, bullying and screen time. Therefore, this study investigates the potential differences in risky play experiences that children may be having and how this may be influenced by the socio-economic status of their school.

Categories Applied science, Education
Keywords Primary School, Risky play, Socioeconomic status
Author Ashley Jeanne
Date published 2023
Document type Undergraduate Dissertation
Organisation Highlands College
IRR Code IRR/UCI/2023.43558
File Type pdf