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Lockdown Stories: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected our mental health and wellbeing in Jersey?


To understand people’s experiences of mental health during lockdown we asked them to share their stories with us via letter, email, phone and an online survey. We asked about the challenges they faced, what helped and what advice they would give their pre-lockdown self and the islandwide mental health services. We were delighted that approximately 500 Islanders shared their stories with us at Mind Jersey […]

Categories Medicine, Health and Social Care, Social care
Keywords COVID-19, Lockdown, mental health, Recovery, Story, WFH, Work from home
Author Dr Patricia Tumelty
Date published 2021
Document type Report
Organisation Mind Jersey
IRR Code IRR/MJ/2021.43650
Funder Jersey Community Foundation with funds from Dormant Bank Accounts
File Type pdf