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Jersey’s Geodiversity


Geodiversity as a discipline is increasingly being included in the assessment and management of natural and cultural environments (Zwolinski, 2017). It has a strong influence on biodiversity (Hjort, Heikkinen and Luoto, 2012; Gray, Gordon and Brown, 2013) and is likely to underpin higher levels of biodiversity through niche creation (Parks and Mulligan, 2010; Bétard and Peulvast, 2019). It has many potential applications such as predicting biodiversity in data deficient areas (Lausch et al., 2019), as well as highlighting habitats that will be resilient to biodiversity loss in a changing climate (Anderson et al., 2015). However, there has been a lack of uptake by the wider scientific community due to uncertainty in the methodology behind its analyses and subsequent prediction of biodiversity richness (Heino et al., 2020).

Categories Geology, Island studies
Keywords Geodiversity, Geology, Geopark, Heritage, Management
Author Jamie Russ
Date published 2020
Document type Literature Review
Organisation Jersey International Centre for Advanced Studies
IRR Code IRR/JICAS/2020.43578
File Type pdf