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Is there a correlation between the home-school relationship and Multilingual Learners’ (MLL) educational attainment? A study to explore the support offered to MLL parents in Jersey by schools and class teachers, regarding their children’s learning


This research project examines the correlation between the current underachievement of Multilingual learners (MLL’s) in education and to what extend the home-school relationship contributes to the issue, considering the barriers to communication MLL parents face and the support currently offered to parents in the UK, in Jersey with the newly implemented Language Policy for Education. To do this, a triangulated and mixed methods approach was adopted for this study, gathering evidence through surveys and focus groups to understand the views and experiences of those within MLL communities, and interviews with two teachers working at a local primary school. The findings highlight a need for schools and teachers to encourage and empower MLL parent to communicate effectively regarding the struggles they face with supporting their children in education, reflected in the negative attitudes some MLL’s and parents hold towards teachers, indicated to be derived from a limited understanding of the English school system and anxiety around perceived low levels of English proficiency, resulting in some MLL parents feeling hesitant to approach teachers.

Categories Applied science, Education
Keywords barriers, Home/school relationship, MLL
Author Jessica de Jesus
Date published 2023
Document type Undergraduate Dissertation
Organisation Highlands College
IRR Code IRR/UCI/2023.43563
File Type pdf