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Improving Children’s experiences of school immunisations


Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the method of using music as a distraction in reducing children’s immunisation pain and thus improving their overall immunisation experience. The study also listens to the voice
of the child by collecting thoughts and comments to identify any other improvements to the immunisation service that Family Nursing and Home Care Jersey provides.
Methods: A total of 132 females, aged 12–13 years old scheduled for their HPV immunisation, were participants in the study and were split into an experimental group with exposure to music (n=73) and a control group (n=59).
Results: The results showed that the children who listened to music were more likely to report higher levels of positive emotions and lower levels of negative emotions.
Conclusions: Music is effective in improving children’s experience of immunisation.

Categories Medicine, Health and Social Care, School Nursing
Keywords Child, Emotions, Immunisation, Music, School
Author Jo Davies, Sian Creavy, Sue Le Masurier
Date published 2017
Document type Article
Organisation Highlands College
IRR Code IRR/UCI/2017.43652
File Type pdf