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‘Genuine Jersey’: Branding and Authenticity in a Small Island Culture


Jersey has attained a recognized international reputation especially in agriculture, tourism and finance. Over the past century, this small island has developed rapidly as a tourist destination and, since the 1960s, as a leading international finance centre. This paper discusses how a public-private organization uses a notion of islandness in order to help add value to local produce and products, and at the same time offering a sense of authenticity in terms of provenance. As an organization and brand, “Genuine Jersey” was launched in 2001 and is now a particularly visible island-based brand that does much to support local businesses and promote selected island produce and products more broadly to locals and visitors alike, as well as within a wider export industry. Drawing on discourses mainly from island studies and marketing, the article discusses how and why this brand exists on Jersey. While including a critical discussion of the brand itself, the paper shows how Genuine Jersey operates on and as a result of this particular island context.

Categories Applied science, Business
Keywords authenticity, branding, Genuine Jersey, Island, produce, products
Author Henry Johnson
Date published 2012
Document type Report
Organisation University of Otago
IRR Code IRR/UOO/2012.43942
File Type pdf