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Evaluation of the Service Provision of Cognitive Screening for Multiple Sclerosis in a discrete Jersey-based population.


This study aimed to develop a more coordinated and comprehensive assessment pathway and assessment framework for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients in a specialist nurse-led service selected for Natalizumab infusions. Follow-up assessments provided were often on the basis of patients’ self-reported difficulties. However, depressed patients are likely to over-report cognitive deficits, whilst patients with metamemory deficits may underestimate their cognitive abilities. A purposive sample (N=51) of MS patients was selected for Natalizumab (14 male, 37 were female; Mean age= 43.2,SD: 9.27). We collected the outcomes of cognitive screening received at baseline and at follow up. The data was summarised and analysed with appropriate database and statistical packages. Descriptive statistics revealed that 71% (n=36) of the samplewere not within the age range for the normative data of ACE-III. Of the overall sample, only 31% (n = 16) had received acognitive screening follow up. In order to improve the Service Provision of cognitive screening in patients with MS, as well as relevant processes and quality of data, a number of areas for improvement have been identified

Categories Clinical Psychology, Medicine, Health and Social Care
Keywords Addenbrookes Cognitive Examination, MS, Multiple Sclerosis, Natalizumab, Neurology
Author Alessio Agostinis, Claire Bree, Howard Gibson, Jessica Harvey, Sarah Kean, Stuart Smith
Date published 2015
Document type Report
Organisation Health and Community Services
IRR Code IRR/HCS/2015.43702
File Type pdf