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Eunicella verrucosa; the overlooked ecosystem contributor


Islands, from a biogeographical perspective, play an important role in highlighting how the processes involved in the formation and changes of a landmass affects a species ‘descent with modification’ (Zaffos et al, 2017). It was Charles Darwin who began the ongoing debate by recognising that isolated species develop unique characteristics that allow them to survive and evolve through natural selection (Allen Or, 2005). After his most notable Origin of the Species, (Darwin, 1839), Darwin later published a synopsis on types of coral reef, noting they can form submersed island-like structures (Darwin, 1842).
How an island’s fauna develops from colonisation to extinction will be influenced by its distance from the mainland source pool. Land mass size, climate and geography all influence an island’s carrying capacity. (Macarthur and Wilson, 1967). Sympatric speciation is a common aspect of island populations that has enabled founding propagules to colonise a limited habitat, combat threats and recover from natural disasters (Whittaker and Fernández-Palacios, 2007; Macarthur and Wilson, 1963) […]

Categories Ecology, Island studies
Keywords Conservation, Coral, marine, Protection, seafan
Author Kevin McIlwee
Date published 2022
Document type Literature Review
Organisation Jersey International Centre for Advanced Studies
IRR Code IRR/JICAS/2022.43596
File Type pdf