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Asylum applications in Jersey and removal to safe countries


This article discusses the decision of the Royal Court in X v Minister
for Home Affairs,
1 where the court dismissed the application for
judicial review by an applicant of the refusal to grant him asylum. The
particular novelty of the case was that the application for asylum had
not been subject to a “substantive consideration” by the Minister but
was effectively dismissed summarily by the Jersey Customs and
Immigration Service on the ground that the applicant could be
removed to a safe country.
This was the first judicial review of an asylum matter before the Royal
Court. Coincidentally, there was an unrelated asylum case also heard
later in 2019 (A v Minister for Home Affairs2

Categories Law, Social science
Keywords Asylum Application, Jersey Customs and Immigration Service, Judicial Review, Royal Court Decision, X v Minister for Home Affairs
Author Steven Meiklejohn
Date published 2020
Document type Article
Organisation Jersey and Guernsey Law Review
IRR Code IRR/JGLR/2020.43870
File Type pdf