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An evaluation of resources and training accessible to primary school teachers in Jersey supporting multilingual learners (MLL) 


This study examines and assesses teacher accessibility to resources and training to be able to effectively support multilingual learners in Government based schools in Jersey. From a teacher’s perspective, the study illustrates the accessibility and availability that teachers have to attend training specifically to support multilingual learners, different components were assessed to examine the teacher’s ability to undergo such training taking into account potential barriers such as lesson cover, availability to training on island and time to implement strategies learn through such training. The research shows that training went on is limited for practitioners to undergo, many of the island practitioners have identified very limited training to be able to understand the complex nature of the multilingual learning process, practitioners have stated that they would like to undergo training to be able to support multilingual learners more efficiently. the data also showed that the schools are able to cover teachers to undergo such training however it was discovered that on island training is limited and shows a gap in the early years sector to support the early years practitioners aiding multilingual learners. Multilingual learners are present in each classroom in this research showing the paramount important that training and understanding is present to be able to efficiently support these learners.

Categories Applied science, Education
Keywords Education, MLL, resources, teachers
Author Catarina Goncalves
Date published 2023
Document type Undergraduate Dissertation
Organisation Highlands College
IRR Code IRR/UCI/2023.43561
File Type pdf