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A quantative assessment of Jersey’s Geodiversity


Geodiversity is an effective new tool in land management and conservation. It generally consists of four principle components: geology, geomorphology, pedology (soils) and hydrology. This study quantified and displayed the spatial distribution of Jersey’s geodiversity for the first time following the process of many other Geodiversity Index studies. Abiotic features were compiled into one map, highlighting the high and low density areas which will be useful to land managers and conservation practitioners. Several geodiversity ‘hotspots’ were recognized, and the geodiversity value of the 22 current Geological SSI’s were investigated. The findings are discussed in relation to an application by Jersey Heritage to attain UNESCO Geopark status.

Categories Geology, Island studies
Keywords Geodiversity, Geology, Geopark, Heritage, Management
Author Jamie Russ
Date published 2020
Document type Master’s Dissertation
Organisation Jersey International Centre for Advanced Studies
IRR Code IRR/JICAS/2020.43576
File Type pdf