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A Mindfulness for Health Programme at the Pain Clinic: Adding Value for money


This initiative investigated the value for money resulting from the pilot andimplementation of an 8-week Breathworks accredited Mindfulness for Health(MfH) programme, as well as clinical outcomes of chronic pain patients attendingthe Jersey specialist pain management centre. Positive outcomes, the use of group interventions (as opposed to individual treatment) and known staff benefits have led to significant reduction in direct and indirect costs

Categories Clinical Psychology, Medicine, Health and Social Care
Keywords Chronic Pain, MBCT, MBSR, mindfulness, mindfulness courses, multidisciplinary treatment, patient-centered care, quality improvement, service development
Author Alessio Agostinis, Callum Gray, Chad Taylor, Michelle Barrow
Date published 2016
Document type Report
Organisation Health and Community Services
IRR Code IRR/HCS/2016.43708
File Type pdf