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Advice for authors

If you have a research project you feel is suited to the Island Research Repository, please get in touch with the most appropriate organisation to discuss it. Likewise, if you have a finished paper, send it through to the corresponding organisation for internal review and approval, and they will upload it to the Island Research Repository. Please include ‘IRR Submission – Full Name’ in the Subject of your email.


Style Guides

Whether you hope to submit your paper and share your research with the IRR, or you would just like a starting point for a personal project, please check out our Style Guides, Research Paper Template and Referencing Guides, which are free to download.


Why should you contribute?

When it comes to research, we are more often than not

“Data rich, but Information poor”

Accumulating knowledge and research without accompanying it with informed action and sharing it broadly is ‘pointless’ – instead, all that hard work and data becomes one for the bookshelves.

The Island Research Repository aims to reduce this in Jersey by providing reviewed, open-access, high-quality research to all; for personal enjoyment or to aid decision-making on a larger scale. The repository will also act as a platform for new and emerging scholars, practitioners and passionate islanders with an interest in sharing their work.

By research being free and on a website that is simple to navigate, we hope it will reduce the conception that research is ‘purely academic’ and instead make the idea of research more accessible and welcoming to all islanders in Jersey.

"Local Knowledge, Shared"

Islands are the perfect ‘laboratories’ for research – be it environmental, political or social. Their insular nature removes the influence of the many external factors that can influence results. The repository aims to be a starting point and transferable knowledge bank for all other small nations and island states, from our surrounding channel islands to UK overseas territories and beyond.


Local Research Funding

Jersey Community Foundation

JICAS – Student Environmental Bursaries

Ecology Trust Fund – Environmental Research Grants

Société Jersiaise and States of Jersey Millennium Fund – Culture and Heritage

Art House Jersey

Association of Jersey Charities